American Postcards Book

“Then the police stop us. They’re friendly, they pose for Polaroids …. Art confesses that he would have preferred to have been handcuffed …. so his European pals could have had an Easy Rider experience.”

American Postcards is a project that documents the experiences and impressions of three European photographers in post 9/11 USA (from 2004 to 2005). It features photography and writing in picture-postcard format by Norman Wilcox (UK), Amanda Johansson (Sweden),  Ronan Haughton (Ireland) and the work of Art Kaligos (USA).

“This tree was planted in memory of Irony, which passed away peacefully in this beautiful place long ago. God rest its soul. In remembrance. We all miss you.”


The American Postcards book is available to buy / preview online and features exclusive writing by Peter D. Osborne, author of ‘Traveling Light, travel and visual culture’.

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