Matt Lee

Matt Lee is a British artist, illustrator and educator who has lived in Bangalore (India) since 2007. Like me he’s an alumni of University of the Arts London. Maybe it was having that in common or my impressions of geckos that made him agree to having his photograph taken.

In his practice, Lee “uses digital drawing, photography and video to construct narratives of British and Indian confluences.” [Matt Lee]

Matt Lee 'sandown'
Matt Lee, ‘sandown’ series. Copyright Matt Lee

His work “examines dualities of presence/ absence and sense/ nonsense as well as processes for constructing, framing, manipulating and reading visual messages. He attempts to bring together the oddly discomforting, the fanciful, the virtual and the cartoon-like, the abstract and the frame, the playful and the orderly.” [Matt Lee]


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Copyright: Ronan Haughton


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