Ross Island

From 1858 until 1942 Ross Island was the Administrative Headquarters of British power for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In 1941 an earthquake caused the headquarters to be relocated to nearby island Port Blair and in 1942 Ross Island fell under the occupation of Japan until allied forces reoccupied it in 1945. It was later abandoned and is now a tourist destination and museum run managed by the Indian Navy.

Remnants of the islands opulent past are still evident today in the ruins that remain. But the ruins that have remained since 1945 are being taken back by nature. The church is crumbling, parts of the troop barracks are now just bricks and other newer parts are starting to show decay, while the chief commissioner’s residence with its once huge gardens and grand ballrooms are now barely recognisable covered in trees and roots.

Photograph copyright Ronan Haughton

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