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‘London’ is a collection of photographs taken in London over the space of five years (2011-16).
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‘Sicily’ is a collection of photographs taken in Palermo, Gibellina and Gibellina Nuova in 2018 at the same time the European Biennial of Contemporary Art festival, Manifesta, was taking place.
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King’s Cross

This book is a collection of photographs taken in King’s Cross between 2011 and 2015.
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‘Barcelona’ is a collection of photographs of the city that has become a popular destination for tourists around the world. Buy now in paperback



Photographs in a magazine format taken in Crete and Athens in Greece.


A magazine of 50 photographs taken in England and India between 2014 and 2016. Made in the style of polaroids, the images document personal reflections of both countries.

Bangalore Fight Club

This unique magazine documents what happened when photographer Ronan Haughton was invited to a fight club in the suburbs of Bangalore (South India).

Hampi – Ruins of The Vijayanagara Empire

This book focuses on what remains throughout Hampi, India, today: ruins of former regal glory and glimpses of Hindu faith in practice, still a strong unifying factor in the region.


‘Calcutta’ is a record of a journey. It is a contemplation of excitement and shock of the city.


An homage to polaroid photography, ‘Bombay’ is a glimpse of my first impressions of India during my first trip to the country with my partner who is from India.


‘Pondicherry’ is a collection of photographs of the former French colonial city in Tamil Nadu, South India now known as ‘Puducherry’.


‘Madras’ is a record of my time in Chennai, South India. The mix of photographs and commentary in the book form a unique snapshot of the city from an outsiders perspective.

American Postcards

A book using a picture postcard format, American Postcards features photography and writing that documents the experiences and impressions of three European photographers in post 9/11 USA (2004 to 2005). Forward by Peter D. Osborne.

Stock Photography


Buy commercial, personal or editorial licences for the use of photography by Ronan Haughton.


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Less Common More Sense

Ronan Haughton edited this Guardian award winning arts, design and fashion magazine from University of the Arts London. These eight issues of the magazine featured the work of established and up and coming artists from Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, London College of Communication, Chelsea College of Arts, Camberwell College of Arts and Wimbledon College of Arts. 

Cyber Issue

Subversive / Subculture Issue

Political Issue

This is goodbye


Publish or be damned

Issue 7 – featuring Jose Gonzalez

Issue 6 – untitled

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